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In a good conditioning program there always should be change. New information is constantly available. And one must filter through it and find the useable information. Most medical and physical studies do not adhere in the dog world in the ways they do in the human world. When you learn about how a dog lives and works you can learn to apply a lot of your common sense to the conditioning approach you choose.
I have been working on a theory of mine about heat resistance produced by unneeded ingredients in a dogs diet, one of the last factors in beating the heat wall. I believe this happens when a dog is fed a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins and minerals in an all of a sudden fashion. Going from dog food to this type of diet overnight is not good. The dogs internal system must be conditioned and peaked along with the dogs body.
How is this done? Answer is progressive diet. This is a breakthrough for me, I find that the more control you have over the quality of the feed you give your dog the better. Sample feeding and working schedule. During the entire keep until 12 hours before show keep fresh clean water available to your dog.
10 weeks out (out ie. Slang for days till event)
45 pound dog show weight
47 empty work weight
Work dog Mon thru Wed for a Saturday show date.
Four days of rest a week for weeks ten thru nine a 14 day cycle.

Walk till empty
Run on Jenny for 10 minutes
Spring pole 10 minutes
Walk till cool
Jenny for 5 minutes
Spring pole 5 minutes
Walk till cool
Run Jenny 10 minutes
Rub down 5 minutes (use Horse Absorbine every third day of work)

Feed dog one hour after workout
4 cups of Walmart 23% protein red bag dog food
4 cups of cornflakes
32 oz of water
200 mg Iron   crush all your pills to a powder
500 mg of chelated Vit C
Standard B Complex B1 B7 B12 B15  1 tablet
1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil
1 teaspoon of Ginko leaf simmered in one cup of water
Soak for one hour and feed stirred

Weeks eight thru six
WORK SCHEDULE: Monday thru Thursday
Work out to start at the same time as the event is planned
Walk dog till empty
15 minutes on Jenny
15 spring pole
Walk till cool
15 minutes on Jenny
10 minutes spring pole
Put on chain and rub down for 5 minutes
15 minutes on Jenny
Walk till cool
Rub down and rest

One of the things you change in the feed is adjust water if stool is runny. Give dog at least 30 oz. total included from the ginko tea. If stool is still runny by the end of the eighth week add 1 tablespoon of dietary fiber (Metamucil). Also change to Walmart high protein brown bag feed 27%. With this the above ingredients in the prior meals add to the feed. 1 tablespoon of Flax Seed Oil
All natural Bee Pollen (put in a coffee mug of warm water and melt it down and add to the meal)

Weeks six thru 4
WORK SCHEDULE: Monday thru Thursday
Work out to start at same time event is planned
Walk till empty
30 minutes on the Jenny
15 minutes on spring pole
Walk till cool
30 minutes on Jenny
10 minutes on spring pole
Walk till cool
Rub down for 15 minutes
15 minutes on Jenny
Walk till cool
Feed schedule for weeks six thru three
4 cups of dog food. Adjust this to maintain a weight of 1 to 1 1/2 pounds over the dogs show weight
4 cups of cornflakes or 4 ounces of Carboplex by Unipro and one cup of corn flake.
500 mg Vit C
250 mg Iron
B Complex
2 tablespoons of Flax Seed Oil
1 tablespoon of Bee Pollen
1 tablespoon of Ginko in tea mixed with food
Minimum of 24 oz of water
1 tablespoon of Coconut Oil

21 days out
Feed the same as above but work the dog Mon thru Saturday, rest on Sunday of week 3 to go

14 days out
AM. Before noon, but after sunrise
Walk till empty
15 minutes wide open on the Jenny
Put the dog back on the chain or kennel
PM. After dark but before midnite
Walk till empty
15 minutes on Jenny wide open
Rub down
Feed: Prepare this in the morning. Cover and freeze for feeding after last workout
3 pounds of lean red meat cut into cubes
2 tablespoon of Flax Seed Oil
250 mg Iron
500 mg Vit C
B Complex
16 oz water
Ginko Tea
Mix and freeze this will kill any bacteria in the raw meat
You can feed to the dog frozen they will eat it and it will help their jaw muscles, hell you never know!

13 days out
Same work out as day 14
Do not work dog more than the two 15 minute runs no matter how good he looks.
Weigh after pm workout. Dog should have lost a 1/4 pound over last nights after workout weight. This is the amount of loss you want. This is pure gut fat removed from this carbohydrate stripping. If the dog lost more weight than this than use the meat to adjust. Feed same food as night before, but either give more or less meat to adjust weight so that the dog will lose another 1/4 pound

12 days out same workout
Same feed

11 days out
Rest and feed the dog this
4 scoops of Metabolol II
2 cups of corn flakes
2 cups of maximum dog feed from Walmart or ANF or some kind of high protein chicken based dog food
2 tablespoons of Flax Seed Oil
1 tablespoon of Bee Pollen
Ginko Tea 1 tablespoon
No Coconut Oil, this will lower the dogs bad cholesterol
500 mg of Iron
250 mg of Vit C
B Complex
250 mg Tetracycline
30 oz water

Days 10 thru 7
Walk till empty
15 minutes on the Jenny
15 minutes on spring pole
Walk for thirty minutes
1 hour on the Jenny
Walk till cool
Thirty minutes on the Jenny
Walk till cool
Rub down for thirty minutes
Rest dog

Feed schedule is same as above
No Tetracycline
Add extra Flax Seed Oil go to three (3) tablespoons

Day 7 out

Dog should be a pound to a pound and a half over empty
This is the night of your last workout
Weigh the dogs and record
Give the dog 5cc Azium 2%

Day 6 out
Dog should have dropped a half pound and be over by a pound to 3/4 of a pound
Feed and keep rested

Day 5 out
Dog should be 1/2 pound over. Hold this weight and keep dog calm this day and day 4.

Day 3 out
3 ccs of Azium
Replace dog food with frozen red meat. Adjust to weight if you have a 45 and he is probably going to need about 1 1/2 of lean stew beef.
Also remove cornflakes and add four scoops of Carboplex.

Day 2 out
2 ccs Azium
Dog should be 1/2 to 1/4 over
Adjust meat according

Day 1 out
1cc Azium
Dog at 24 hours out should be on weight or a 1/4 over
If the dog is in the prescribe weight zone feed regular diet with 1.5 pounds of frozen lean beef
No corn flakes
No Ginko

12 hours out
Take away water
If dog is a little light at this time (on weight or under) than mix up some Carboplex and Pedilite 50/50 to make dog weigh 1/3 pound over for he has another dump in him. This will be absorbed quickly.

If your dog is calm and on weight this is an optional way to bring them to a final peak
Only due this when you know exactly when you are going

3 hours out
100 mg Caffeine
25 mg Ephedrine

2 hours out
1/2 Aspirin

1 hour out
3 cc of grapefruit juice down the back of the dogs throat with a big syringe

15 minutes out
3 cc of Flax Seed Oil in the throat
3 cc of Flax Seed Oil up the butt

5 minutes out
Two blasts down the back of the throat with Primatene Mist
Weigh In   Go!